Date: 4/7/2015, 7:30 PM 8:30 PM
Date: 4/8/2015, 5 PM 6 PM
Location: Comm. Rd.
PTSA Meeting
Date: 4/10/2015, 9 AM 10 AM
The Election
Date: 4/14/2015, 6 PM 7:30 PM
Location: Theater
The Election
Date: 4/15/2015, 6 PM 7:30 PM
Location: Theater
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Absences/Early Outs
Procedures - calls/notes only
2015-16 Student Enrollment Procedures
NEW to Scripps Ranch boundaries only
Elective Videos
Check out videos of electives you might want to take next year!
March 12 - 6:00pm in MMS Theater - Guest Speaker - "Redefining Success"
"Redefining Success: Helping to Prepare our Children for Life's Triumphs and Tribulations".
Tours and Seminar Classroom Visits for Prospective Parents
See attached schedule for 2014-15
PowerSchool Parent Portal
Parents: You can sign up NOW for an account
Creating Thoughtful Productive Citizens at MMS
New Citizenship guidelines - Read more
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Geography Bee Winners
Find out who won this year's Bee
Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest Check out Marshall students wearing their Halloween costumes on Oct. 31, 2014. Winners of several categories were awarded prizes.
2014 Marshall Baseball
Click here to view the roster and photos.
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Science Olympiad

March 26
March 25
March 24
March 20
March 19
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