Daily Bulletin » March 20

March 20

Important dates:
Mar. 21-24 – “The Monologue Show of Mayhem” theater productions – 6:00pm
Mar. 27-31 – Spring Break – No School

• Don’t forget to donate or sign up to join the Race for Autism – Race day is this Saturday, March 25th! Our team now has over 70 members and has raised over $2,000! Go to raceforautism.org and select Marshall Middle School. PE is offering a FREE MILE for all students who participate! Any student who beats Mrs. Moffat, Mr. Johnston, and Mr. G in the 5k race will win a pizza party!

• Signups for basketball will begin soon. Team captains should start forming their teams. Team roster forms are available on the Marshall website. The league will start after spring break.

• Everything that can go wrong will be in the Monologue Show of Mayhem – this week starting tomorrow, Tuesday thru Friday at 6pm. Tickets available online through the theatre link on the Marshall website and at the Financial Office. Student discount if bought in advance.

• Don’t forget to bring in cans of dog food and cat food to help out San Diego’s Helen Woodward Animal Center. Please bring your dog and cat food donations to the office or to Room A-305. NEW Dog and cat toys will also be accepted.

• Students: Unlike in past years, this year parents and students are able to view their preliminary elective choice. Please understand that we are entering data from the elective cards that were submitted last month. This elective choice data is only preliminary and may change frequently as we are planning our courses for the 2017-18 school year. Final course selections will be mailed home in late July or early August with options to make changes prior to the beginning of the school year. MMS Administration

• Students – If you become ill during school, you must get a pass from your teacher to go to the Nurse’s office. Also, you must come to the Nurses office before calling a parent. DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE TO CALL YOUR PARENT, you must report to the Nurse’s office first.

• HOMEWORK ZONE – Do your homework and get extra help on Tuesdays with Mr. Johnston in A102 or with Ms. Gillum in A306 and Thursdays with Mrs. Fox in A103 or with Mr. Wright in B206.


• Teachers – please remember to take attendance every day, every period within the first 10 minutes of class.

• Early Release of Student – If you know ahead of time that your child needs to leave school early (i.e. Dr., Dentist, Ortho, personal), please have your child bring in a note to the attendance desk before school on that day. This is the most effective and efficient way to have your child waiting for you when you need them! Return the blue slip if your child returns to school.
• Student Deliveries – in order to limit disruption during instruction, items being delivered during the school day should be for emergencies only. Items will be left on the table in the office with your child’s name on it for students to pick-up during passing periods, lunch, or after school. Please instruct your child to check the table if they notice they forgot their lunch, PE clothes, school work, etc…
• REMINDER - Treats such as cookies and birthday cakes for other students are NOT to be brought to school. They will be kept in the office until the end of the day.

LUNCH CLUBS – If you are going to a club, you MUST meet your teacher at the outside building door during the first 5 minutes of lunch. If the teacher is not there, you may not enter the building.

Book Club – B302 – McDaniel
BSU – C201 – Kelley
Finding Nemo Club – B105 - Wood
CX UNTIL AFTER SPRING BREAK - Geek Club – A102 – Mr. Johnston
Miraculous Ladybug Club – A104 - Alibhai
News Club – B205 – Chalupsky
TED Club – A202 – Converse-Rath
HOMEWORK ZONE – after school w/Ms. Gillum A306 or Mr. Johnston A102

Comic Creator’s Club – B103 – Ms. Wright
Debate Club – C304 - Olds
FCA Club - MPR - Bishop
Harry Potter Club – A306 – Gillum
Hunger Games Club – A201 - Weinheimer
CANCELLED rest of year – trash left in Theater - Karaoke Club – Theater – Russell
Lego Club – B204 - Ingles
Lil Sausages Club – A104 - Alibhai
Magic the Gathering Club – B304 - Karch
Philanthropist Club – A305 – Mrs. Rick
Sherlock Club –A206 – Schumacher
AFTER School - Drama Club – Theater – Russell

Anime Club – B106 – Moffatt
Big Bang Theory – C205 – Spaeth
Circle of Friends – C102 - Diem
Charades Club- B305- Garcia
Creative Writing Club – B105 - Wood
Disney Movie Club – C202 - Cena
Green Team – Art Room – McDonald
Just People Club – B205 – Chalupsky
Line Dancing with Lulay - B101
Medieval Strategy Club – A103 - Fox
My Little Pony Club – A205 – Martinez
Pokemon Club – A201 - Weinheimer
Star Trek Club – B306 - Finley
CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE - Video Production club – Meet Mr. Hershey outside the Theater
HOMEWORK ZONE – after school w/Mrs. Fox A103 or Mr. Wright B206

KONA SHAVED ICE – Every Friday!
Chess Club – B206 – Mr. Wright
Chill and Spill Club – B2 - Becker
Coloring Club- B205 – Parr/Chalupsky
Cup of Noodles Club – A206 - Schumacher
eSports Club – Meet Mr. Hershey in front of the theater
K-pop Club – A202 – Converse-Rath
Lizza Koshy Club – B303 - Porter
Marshall’s Got Talent – Choir Rm. 101 - Schulze
Star Wars Club – A306 – Gillum
Steven Universe Club – C306 – Swartzlander
AFTER SCHOOL - Golf Club - Finley
• Reminder Students – When you see yellow caution tape blocking an area off, do not go through it. We don’t need wet/muddy shoes making the floors and carpets dirty.
• Students please be alert and look around when crossing any streets. It is very dangerous to be looking at your phones when you are in an intersection.
• Reminder to all students – If you hit, slap, or put your hands on another student, there will be consequences.
• When going to the Library at lunch – you must go to the lunch area FIRST before coming to the library. Go to the lunch quad FIRST, then receive PERMISSION from Ms. Heuss to come to the library.
• Every Wednesday your ASB provides music at lunch! If you have any song requests, write them down and put them in the ASB mailbox on the table in the finance office.
• Now that everyone has their ID cards, you must scan them at the cafeteria and NOT enter your PIN by hand. Students should have their ID card with them every day at school. Replacement cards will not be available until after Oct. 7th.
• Students – please check the table in the Financial Office for items that your parent may have dropped off for you, i.e. lunch, homework, etc., as they will not be delivered to your classroom.
• Domino’s Pizza (cheese and pepperoni) is sold in Lunch Ct. C for only $3.00!
• The News Club now has an advice box located in the Financial office. If you need any kind of advice, please submit your question to the box!
• Students – You must have a Nurse’s pass to come to the Health Office. Especially during passing period!!
• If you need a replacement ID card, please see our Site Tech, Mrs. Chalupsky, in the office and she will make you a new one for $5.00!
• Students - please do not flip water bottles at lunch or at any other time at school – there will be consequences!
• If you bring speakers to share music before or after school while on campus, the music must conform to our rules. No profanity, no racial slurs, nothing inappropriate. If you play inappropriate music, your speaker will be confiscated. We also accept no responsibility for loss or damage to your speaker. Admin.
• The Library is open before school at 7am, half-way thru lunch, and after school until 3pm (Fridays 2:30pm). If you choose to go to the Library at lunch, you must meet at the top of the paseo and supervision will give you a pass. You must stay in the Library the rest of the lunch period.
• Reminder to students who wait after school by the condos across Pomerado Rd. You may NOT enter the condo premises at all. Please respect the neighboring properties.
• Reminder - Students are NOT to play with tennis balls, diablos, or water balloons (filled or unfilled) at lunch. They will get confiscated.
• Students that walk home using the Novak Way sidewalks – please STAY ON THE SIDEWALK when walking home, for your own safety!
• Students may NOT bring Rockstar Monster drinks or any other energy drinks to school. Also, the sale of any food or drink items can only be done by clubs.
• Students are not to be in the buildings before school or during lunch unless a teacher has escorted you there. Teachers – if a student comes in your room that you did not escort, please send their name to admin.
• Students must adhere to our dress code on Page 11 of your planner! Shorts and skirts may NOT be above the tip of the fingertip when your arm is straight down at your side. Also, it is not permissible to wear a shirt around your waist to cover your short skirt or shorts. NO tank tops – shirts must cover the shoulders. If you have heard there is a '3 finger rule' to our shirt policy, this is inaccurate information. Shirts must cover the shoulders. You will receive consequences if you do not follow our dress code.
• Students we want to make sure that you are obeying the traffic signals at Pomerado Road. When the walk light turns red you MUST stop - do not go on and cross at this time. Also, if you ride a bike you should be walking it across the street - you need to stay inside the crosswalk and obey all signs just like pedestrians - you may ride your bike across when the light is green and the "walk" sign is on! (Admin.)