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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Enrollment
  • If you have live in 92131 zip code (excluding Stonebridge) and Thurgood Marshall Middle School is your resident school and your child is not currently a 5th grader at a Scripps Ranch elementary school, you may register for 2015-16 from 8am to 10am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays
           2016-17 enrollment starts after Spring Break, April 4, 2016, from 8am-10am on Tuesdays, 
           Wednesdays, or Thursdays.
  • For other enrollment options, please contact the Office of Enrollment Options at 619-725-5672 or look at their website at www.sandi.net – Depts. – Enrollment Options.
To enroll, please bring the following between 8am-10am:
  • Proof of Residency (Current Utility Bill - SDG&E, Water, Cable only)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Grades (most recent)
  • Immunizations (7th Gr. must have Tdap)
 How does a prospective parent tour the school?
The principal has set aside specific dates and times throughout the year just for prospective parents. Please check the website www.marshallmiddle.com calendar for the monthly Parent Tour dates starting in November - May.   

 How do I contact my child’s counselor?
Counselors are assigned by student’s last name:
A-C – Julie Becker – jbecker1@sandi.net – 858-549-5505
D-K - Paulette Blankenbeckler - pblankenbeckler@sandi.net - 858-549-5505
L-Q – Sharon Heuss – T-F - sheuss@sandi.net – 858-549-5501
R-Z - Amiee McDearmon - M-Th - amcdearmon@sandi.net - 858-549-5504 
How can I keep up with my student's grades and attendance?
PowerSchool Parent Portal - Look for access on www.marshallmiddle.org in September!
Can I have email notification of my student’s homework assignments?
Yes. Go to www.marshallmiddle.org and select “Create Account” at the very top of the webpage and follow the directions to get daily notification of your student’s homework assignments if the teacher is participating in the program. To determine if your child’s teachers are posting homework online, click on the Classes/Homework link on the main page and see they have assignments posted. Once you have signed up for the program, if you have trouble logging in, you may email Mr. Berthiaume at hberthiaume@sandi.net for help.
Do you have an afterschool program?
Yes, it is called PrimeTime and it is run by Harmonium. For information, call 619-743-7295.  Applications are online at www.sandi.net - Depts. - Enrollment Options - Primetime.

How do I get my child out early in the day?
If you know ahead of time that your child needs to leave school early (i.e. Doctor, Dentist, Ortho, personal), PLEASE have your child bring in a note to the attendance desk before school on that day. This is the most effective and efficient way to have your child waiting for you when you need them! Return the blue slip if your child returns.

How do I report an absence?
Call our Attendance Line at 858-549-5574.  Please don't email, we won't get it!
What do I do if my child is going to be out for many days?
When your child will be out for 5 or more consecutive school days, the school can arrange an Independent Student Contract. If it is 4 days or less, the student/parent is responsible for arranging homework with all teachers. Staff email links are on marshallmiddle.org.  For the contract, in order for homework to be gathered for your child, the office needs prior notice of 10 school days. Otherwise, students need to get homework on their own from their teachers.

How do I get an item to my child during the school day?
In order to limit disruption during instruction, items being delivered during the school day should be for emergencies only. Items can be left on our office table with your child’s name on it for students to pick-up during passing periods, lunch, or after school. Please instruct your child to check the table at lunch or passing if they notice they forgot their lunch, PE clothes, work, etc…
How do I buy P.E. clothes? 
P.E. clothes are sold throughout the school year.  The prices are: $10 for t-shirts, $14 for shorts and $5 for combination locks.  The student or parent brings a check (payable to Marshall P.T.S.A.) or cash to the financial office in the morning and is issued a receipt.  The student then takes that receipt to the P.E. teacher at the beginning of the class period and receives the clothes.  P.E. teachers will help the student with sizing. Parents also have the option of purchasing PE clothes at other locations. However, the PE clothes must match the same color and style of PE clothes sold at MMS.
How do I buy a yearbook? 
Yearbooks are sold throughout the school year, both online and in the financial office.  Online purchases are made by credit card on the Marshall website—see the link for instructions.  A child or parent may also bring a check (payable to Marshall M.S.) or cash to the financial office and is issued a receipt, which should be kept until yearbooks are issued in June.  The current price of yearbooks is $40.  We encourage you to buy yearbooks early in the school year by offering a lower price, as the price will be going up in January!  Yearbooks will be distributed in early June during the school day.
What paperwork do I need to volunteer for the school?
Go to www.sandi.net - Depts. – Community Relations – Volunteer Program for information and details. The school office will need a new Volunteer Application on file every year, an up-to-date TB test (within 4 yrs.)and a Background Check (if applicable). See the Volunteer Resources and Materials on the website for forms and requirements.

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