Carol Lee
Students are expected to change clothes and wear the appropriate P.E. uniform each and every day that they have class. Students not in proper uniform or shoes will not participate in the class activities for that day. This will negatively effect their grade.


•plain navy blue shorts & plain gray T-shirt (shirts must be tucked in & shorts worn at waist)

•Appropriate athletic shoes (tied to stay on feet, no slip-ons, no skater shoes)

•A combination (3 numbers) “MASTER” brand lock

•For cold weather, students may wear any plain gray or navy blue fleece sweats.

•No logos other than Marshall M.S. are allowed.

•Marshall P.E. clothes and locks can be purchased at the school's financial office.

SUBSTITUTE CLOTHES:• Sometimes PE clothes cannot be found or are “dirty” when needed for school. For these emergency situations, “substitute PE uniforms” may be used. For a “substitute uniform” the student needs to bring a note from home and any color T-shirt and shorts/sweats for class. We do not supply “substitute uniforms”.

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