Membership Pledge Drive 2017-2018

Thurgood Marshall Middle School is the highest performing middle school in the district thanks to our incredibly dedicated teachers, administrators, and students. The goal of the Marshall Mustang Organization (MMO), is to offset the many budget cut constraints by the district and provide the teachers with everything they need in the classroom to ensure the best education for our students.  Last year, we were able to support EVERY department at Marshall with extra funding that directly impacted EVERY student.


Please support the work of the MMO, and consider a one-time suggested donation of $180, which equals just $1 a day.  This truly is a very small price to pay for an entire year of education for your child at the best middle school in the district.


Physical Ed (PE) Clothes 
The official Marshall PE uniform* is available for purchase throughout the year. To purchase PE clothes, please send your child to the school office with a check made out to MMS or exact cash. Then in order to pick up the clothes, your student will receive a receipt to take to their PE teacher. 

The prices are as follows:
  • T-shirt $10
  • Shorts $15
  • Sweatshirt $30
  • Lock $5

Hula Palooza Annual Spring Gala

Details of the 2018 gala are getting underway soon!  Please contact Jen Marchesini at jmarchesini@san.rr.com to hear more about the committees you might want to volunteer on.  Last year's event featured silent auctions, live auctions, opportunity raffles including a wine wall all while you enjoy a night of dancing and fun with friends.



*Students may purchase a PE uniform elsewhere, however, it must abide by our colors and style.

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