Daily Bulletin » March 22

March 22

Important dates:
3/22 – Drama Production – “Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone” – Theater - 6pm
3/25-29 – Spring Break – No School
4/1 – School Resumes
4/3 – SSC/SGT Mtg. 5pm - CR
4/5 – Hollywood Nights Dance – 8th Gr. – 1:30-2:30pm, 6/7th Gr. - 2:45-3:45pm
4/8 – Staff Mtg. 2:40pm MPR
4/9 – Parent Tour 3pm MPR
4/11 – Marshall’s Mom’s Night Out 6-8:30pm
4/12 – Field Trip to Forum Festival/Knott’s Berry Farm - 7am-11pm – Brown (100 students)
4/15 – Testing Staff Mtg. 2:40pm MPR
4/16-19 - Spring Play 6-8pm – “Rock of Ages”
4/19 – Field Trip to Disneyland - 7am-12am – Brown (95 students)
4/22 – 5/3 - SBAC Testing (block days)
4/25 – Presentation on Human Trafficking & Internet Safety 5-7pm – Theater/MPR

• Don't miss the Hollywood Nights Dance Party on April 5th! Today is the last day to purchase tickets. A drink, a treat, and pizza are included in the ticket price. Get your tickets for only $8 in the B and C lunch courts before it’s too late!

• The East Coast Trip Chaperone Groups have been decided. The list is posted outside the theater. Please sit in your designated chaperone group at today’s East Coast Trip meeting at lunch.

Brightly colored eggs have been hidden around campus for Video Production’s Easter Egg Hunt! If you find one, bring it to the Video Production room for a prize. The hunt ends April 5th.
• All LOST & FOUND items in the boy’s locker room will be donated after today. If you are missing any clothing items, please check the lost and found in the boy’s locker room office.

• Tonight is the last night to watch the hilarious parody of Harry Potter, called “Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone”, playing in the Marshall Theater at 6pm. Tickets available on the Marshall website and at the door.

• The class in A202 (Converse-Rath) wants to change the world! They are partnering with Neighbors in Need, a program for the homeless. They are collecting sleeping bags, used adult clothing, athletic shoes and travel size toiletries of all kinds! Please spread the word and bring all donations to A-202.

• The Race for Autism is coming up on April 6th. Join the Marshall team and help reach the donations goal of $2300. For more information, you may contact Mr. G, Jade Booth, Amanda Mallie, or visit raceforautism.org.

• Students are not allowed to sell candy or other food items at school. Doing so will result in an after-school detention and confiscation of the product being sold.
• Remember that cell phones need to be turned off and put away during school hours unless they are being used during class with a teacher’s permission. The same rule applies to earbuds and headphones.

• Reminder - Students need a pass to come into the Health Office, including during passing period. A pass is also needed during lunch, so please talk to someone on supervision.
• Students - the drop-off table in the office is NOT a storage table. Anything without a name on it will be placed in the Lost and Found under the Library stairs, which eventually gets donated. So please, pick up any left items from the table in the financial office before it gets donated. Also, check in the front office if you have lost a valuable item such as a wallet, keys, or phone! Thank you!

• Cups of delicious Hot Chocolate will be sold on Monday mornings before school at the Mustang Market for only $2.00!
• Students – if you walk home, please obey the traffic signals in order to be safe. Please do not walk when the traffic lights are red.

• Any student that needs a replacement student ID, please come into the office and ask for Miss Stark. Replacement cost is $5.00 cash.

• Students that walk home using the Novak Way sidewalks – please STAY ON THE SIDEWALK when walking home, for your own safety! Also, please do not walk on private property. Please stay on the sidewalks and respect our neighbors’ property and obey all traffic signals - walk safe!

• Keep those lunch courts clean in order to keep lunchtime music! Be awesome for our school and for our custodians!

• Teachers – please remember to take attendance every day, every period within the first 10 minutes of class.

• Early Release of Student – If you know ahead of time that your child needs to leave school early (i.e. Dr., Dentist, Ortho, personal), please have your child bring in a note to the attendance desk before school on that day. This is the most effective and efficient way to have your child waiting for you when you need them! Return the blue slip if your child returns to school.
• Student Deliveries – in order to limit disruption during instruction, items being delivered during the school day should be for emergencies only. Items will be left on the table in the office with your child’s name on it for students to pick-up during passing periods, lunch, or after school. Please instruct your child to check the table if they notice they forgot their lunch, PE clothes, school work, etc…
• REMINDER - Treats such as cookies and birthday cakes for other students are NOT to be brought to school. They will be kept in the office until the end of the day.

• Student Reminder – Playing tag during lunch is no longer permitted due to safety concerns. Students caught playing tag will receive an after school detention.

• The Library is open before school at 7am, half-way thru lunch, and after school until 3pm (Fridays 2:30pm). If you choose to go to the Library at lunch, you must meet at the top of the paseo and supervision will let you up at 10:55am. You must stay in the Library the rest of the lunch period.

• Reminder - Students are not to play with tennis balls, diablos, or water balloons (filled or unfilled) at lunch. They will get confiscated.

• Students may not bring Rockstar Monster drinks or any other energy drinks to school. Also, the sale of any food or drink items can only be done by clubs.

• Students are not to be in the buildings before school or during lunch unless a teacher has escorted you there. Teachers – if a student comes in your room that you did not escort, please send their name to admin.
LUNCH CLUBS – meet at the building doors the first 5 minutes of lunch
WELLNESS CENTER – B2 – MONDAY thru THURSDAY – open to the first 20 students – bring your lunch!

BTS Club – 1st and 3rd Monday of the month – B203 - Paulding

Drama Club – Theater – Mr. Russell
Finding Nemo Club - B205 - Chalupsky
Black Student Union - C201 - Kelley
The Flash Club - A306 – Baker
SAGA Club – B104 - Kole (Sexuality and Gender Awareness)
Pokemon Explorers Club– A206 – Schumacher
Marshall TEDx Club – A202 – Converse-Rath
Digital Art and Photography Club – 203 – Forrest
Warrior Cats Club – A204 – Hagstrom
HOMEWORK ZONE – AFTER SCHOOL 2:25-3:25pm – B204 – Mrs. Ingles

FCA – MPR – Bishop
Philanthropists Club – A305 – Mrs. Rick
Comic Creators – B103 – A. Wright
Harry Potter Club - A205 - Martinez
Magnificent Marvel Club - B106 - Weinheimer
The Original Lizza Koshy Club - B205 - Chalupsky
Magic the Gathering Club - B304 - Karch
Marshall Middle Cubing Foundation – B306 – Finley
The Scratch Club – B204 - Ingles
Stranger Things AV Club – C106 – Cook
Marshall Running Club – Track – Carambas/Carter
We Dine Together – B303 - Porter
The Robotics Club – AFTER SCHOOL – C206 – Beisel

Big Bang Theory – C205 – Spaeth
House of Cards Club – B303 – Porter
Circle of Friends – C105 - Diem
Star Trek Club – B306 – Finley
Gardening Club – B204 – Ingles/T. Wright
Creative Writing Club - B105 - Hurl
The Story Club - B104 – Kole
Just People Club – B205 – Chalupsky
The Pokemon GO Club – B101 – Lavine
The Rock Study Club – C206 - Beisel
No Announcement - The Study Club – A201 - Power
HOMEWORK ZONE – AFTER SCHOOL 2:25-3:25pm – B206 – Mr. Wright

Esports Club – 206 – Video Rm. - Hershey
Star Wars Club - B303 - Porter
(No announcement) - Minecraft Club - C305 – Niedzwiecki
Marshall Running Club – Track – Carambas/Carter
Chess Club – B206 – Mr. Wright
World Building Club – B205 - Chalupsky
Golf Club – AFTER SCHOOL every other Friday – B306 - Finley