Daily Bulletin » Dec. 17

Dec. 17

Dec. 17 – SRHS Falcon Parent (only) Night – 5-7pm
Dec. 18 – Winter Choir Concert - 6pm
Dec. 19 – MMO Holiday Staff Breakfast in Lounge
Dec. 23-1/3 – Winter Break
Jan. 6 – School Resumes


• The Marshall Choirs present their Holiday concert in the theater this week, Wednesday at 6pm! Come hear pop, classical, and holiday favorites! The concert is free. Bring your friends and families! You are invited!!

• Student Reminder – If you are feeling ill, ask for a pass to the Health Office from your teacher or staff supervision. Do NOT call or text your parent first, as the Nurse will help you with that if needed.

• Chess Club will be having a tournament this Friday. Come ready to compete and… there will be a prize for the winner!

• The ASB will be hosting a spirit week to help send you all off to the holidays!
• Today: Holiday Hat Day/Lunchtime: Wheel of Liquids

• Wednesday: Where’s Waldo Day - Dress up yourselves and see if you can find the ASB students dressed as Waldo. If you do, they’ll give you a ticket for a treat at the Mustang Market/Lunchtime: Donut on a String

• Thursday: Ugly Sweater Day/Lunchtime: Giant Jenga

• Friday: Cozy Clothes Day/Lunchtime: Not Your Arms Cookie Decorating

• The video production class is looking to help some of you achieve your goals! If you have something that you are working toward and just need a little help and support to get it done, let us know. You can email Mr. Russell through the Marshall website, or talk to him in person. We will feature your success story on the next edition of the MMN.
• The Yearbook team is looking for photos of you participating in your extracurricular activities! Please share by emailing images to thurgoodmarshallmsyearbook@gmail.com. Also, 8th graders can get their baby picture in the yearbook by emailing to this address. All images that are submitted should be at least 600 by 480 pixels and due by November 11th or they will not be included in the yearbook. Make sure you include your name!

• Library Hours - Before school at 7am, half-way thru lunch, and after school until 3pm (Fridays 2:30pm). If you choose to go to the Library at lunch, you must meet at the top of the paseo and supervision will let you up at 10:55am. You must stay in the Library the rest of the lunch period.

• Teachers – please remember to take attendance every day, every period within the first 10 minutes of class.

• Early Release of Student – If you know ahead of time that your child needs to leave school early (i.e. Dr., Dentist, Ortho, personal), please have your child bring in a note to the attendance desk before school on that day. This is the most effective and efficient way to have your child waiting for you when you need them! Return the blue slip if your child returns to school.
• Student Deliveries – in order to limit disruption during instruction, items being delivered during the school day should be for emergencies only. Items will be left on the table in the office with your child’s name on it for students to pick-up during passing periods, lunch, or after school. Please instruct your child to check the table if they notice they forgot their lunch, PE clothes, school work, etc…
• REMINDER - Treats such as cookies and birthday cakes for other students are NOT to be brought to school. They will be kept in the office until the end of the day.

• Students: When you walk home, please stay on the sidewalks to and from school. Please do not take short cuts through the neighborhood including the Grove condos as this is private property and is considered trespassing.

• Reminder! Students, it is mandatory that you wear a helmet when riding your bike or skateboard! If we see that you do not have a helmet with you, you will not be able to ride home until you get one.

• Students are not allowed to cut through the office after school, please exit out the front gates. Also, the elevators are to be used by injured students only, please stay out of them if you are not injured.

• Students that walk home must use Novak Way – please STAY ON THE SIDEWALK when walking home, for your own safety!

• Reminder - Students are NOT to play with tennis balls, diablos, or water balloons (filled or unfilled) at lunch. They will get confiscated.

• Students may NOT bring Rockstar Monster drinks or any other energy drinks to school. Also, the sale of any food or drink items can only be done by clubs.

• Students are not to be in the buildings before school or during lunch unless a teacher has escorted you there. Teachers – if a student comes in your room that you did not escort, please send their name to admin.
• Students we want to make sure that you are obeying the traffic signals at Pomerado Road. When the walk light turns red you MUST stop - do not go on and cross at this time. Also, if you ride a bike you should be walking it across the street - you need to stay inside the crosswalk and obey all signs just like pedestrians - you may ride your bike across when the light is green and the "walk" sign is on! (Admin.)

The Wellness Center is open M-Th to the first 20 students

Stranger Things AV Club – C106 – Cook
Broadway Musicals Club – B205 - Chalupsky

I Am A-OK Club – B306 – Lavigne (A-OK stands for Acts of Kindness)
Pokemon Explorer’s Club – A206 – Mrs. Schumacher
S.A.G.A. (Sexuality and Gender Awareness Club) – B104 – Ms. Kole
CX TODAY - BSU (Black Student Union) – C201 – Kelley
Drama Club/Improv Team – Theatre – Mr. Russell
Harry Potter Club – C304 – Fox
You Know Uno – C305 – Niedzwiecki-Preston
Homework Zone after school – B204 - Ingles

Philanthropists Club – A305 – Mrs. Rick
The French Friendship Club – C206 – Beisel
CX TODAY - WCAE Club (We Care About the Environment) – B306 – Mr. Lavigne
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) - MPR – Mr. Bishop
The Scratch Club – A106 - Pettek
Magic the Gathering Club – B203 – Riis – 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
The K-Pop Club – B303 – Porter (every other Wed.)
Super Smash Brothers Club – B205 – Schulze
Marvelous Marvel Club – B106 – Weinheimer
The Meme Club – C105 - Lichty

The Roblox Club – B306 - Lavigne
Circle of Friends – C105 – Diem
The Flash Club – B303 – Porter
Just People Club – B205 – Chalupsky
D.I.Y. Club – B101 – Lavine
The UCP Club (The Unhinged Choreo Posse) – Activity Rm. – McCarthy – learn dances
Homework Zone after school – B206 – Mr. Wright

The Brawl Stars Club – A104 - Shoemaker
Terraria Club – B306 - Lavigne
Star Wars Club – B303 – Porter
The Chess Club – C304 – Fox
The Anime Art Club – B301 - Kiss
Running Club – Lower Field – Carambas

No announcement - Anime Club (FULL) – C202 – Cena
No announcement - Minecraft Club (FULL) – C305 – Niedzwiecki