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Who Are You? in Google Classroom

Who Are You?

Instructions: Customize your drawing with your information. Using your Chromebook’s camera, take a pic of yourself and decorate it. Add at least 5 images to your poster to represent your interests. Show us who you are!

1. Add name and favorite food and in the blank above.
2. Add an image of yourself! Choose Insert>Image>Camera to use your Chromebook to take your picture.
3. Decorate your image with at least one of the accessories on the left side.
4. Choose at least 3 images on the right side and drag them into your drawing that represent your personal interests. Can’t find one that works for you? Choose Insert>Image>Search the web to find your own.
5. Add at least 1 image with a transparent background to your drawing. Choose Insert>Image>Search and add “transparent” to your search term.
6. Submit it when you are finished.
Created by Amy Weinheimer: Wednesday, September 2 2:22 PM