Hershey/Russell Video Production 7-8 Period 5-Period 5 Assignments

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Midterm in Google Classroom


Created by Robert Hershey: Thursday, January 21 12:37 PM


MMN Intro Video Submissions in Google Classroom

MMN Intro Video Submissions

Attach your video for the MMN Intro
Created by Robert Hershey: Tuesday, January 5 11:20 AM


Video Scavenger Hunt in Google Classroom

Video Scavenger Hunt

In this assignment, you will record each of the shots listed below and edit them together into one video. Precede each shot with a title that specifies which number it is. There is a lot of room for variety here so be creative!

1. Interview
Your subject is a person shot from the waist up. They should aligned with one of the vertical lines from the rule of thirds. They should have an appropriate amount of negative space around them and can be looking directly at the camera or off-camera at the person interviewing them. Have them say a short sentence like "Hi, my name is ______."

2. Location
Film a location in a way that allows the audience to fully see the entire environment. You may need to pan the camera to capture all of it.

3. Action
Film a person or animal doing something that involves movement. Make sure your shot is wide enough to capture the movement. You must anticipate their action.

4. Moving
Film a stationary object while you are walking. Bend your knees to absorb the shock and try to hold the camera as steady as possible. Sometimes it helps to sway the camera to prevent abrupt movements.

5. Green Screen
Film something and add it to the computer screen in the attached video. You'll need to use the chroma key tool in WeVideo to remove the green and place your filmed video in a track underneath.
Created by Robert Hershey: Tuesday, December 15 5:27 PM


Autobiography in Google Classroom


The autobiography is a story all about you. After watching it, the viewer should feel like they know you personally. This project will also allow you to demonstrate your skills in filming, performing and editing. To help you, I've attached two examples of this project.

Voice-over or video of you speaking
Several topics about you covered (hobbies, family, goals, etc...)
B-roll (pictures or video of the things you're talking about)
Background music
Appropriate use of transitions and titles
1.5 - 3 minutes in length

You should submit two files for this assignment: a Google Doc with your script and any other pre-production work (storyboards, shot list, notes, etc...) and a video file of your completed project.

If you would like to share your video with the class (and I highly encourage you to), leave a comment below.
Created by Robert Hershey: Tuesday, December 15 5:27 PM


Help Desk Video Clip/Scene Submissions in Google Classroom

Help Desk Video Clip/Scene Submissions

Submit your video clips here for feedback and review. You are going to do at least 2 drafts for this project.

I have added a link to the folder where the videos are located in order to make them accessible for editing.
Created by Robert Hershey: Saturday, December 5 1:55 PM


Sign Ups for: Help Desk - a Stay at Home Play in Google Classroom

Sign Ups for: Help Desk - a Stay at Home Play

Read the attached script and then use the Google Form to choose what roles you are interested in playing. You will be responsible for producing, recording, and editing your role in the show.
Created by Robert Hershey: Tuesday, November 10 4:24 PM


Snap-Raise Videos in Google Classroom

Snap-Raise Videos

Attached is the script for the video. Each person has their lines marked with their name. Please try to get this done today, Monday 11/9.

Thank you so much for doing this for all of us.
Created by Robert Hershey: Monday, November 9 4:57 PM