Parents: Children Have Homework Tonight?

Parents, you can subscribe to your children's classes and receive updated from their teachers. You will also receive homework notifications by email if the teacher posts homework assignments online. Homework notifications are sent by 5:00 pm the day before they are due. To subscribe to you child's classes, do the following:
  • Click Classes/Homework on the Marshall home page
  • Click the class you would like to subscribe to
  • Click the box:  + Subscribe
  • Enter the email address to be used for notifications
  • Select the type of subscriber you are
  • Click Subscribe
You are done and should start receiving notifications from your child's teachers who are using the website. Please keep in mind that not all teachers post their homework on this site so the notifications will not work if a teacher uses some other method of posting their homework. 
Check the Classes/Homework page to see if a teacher is using this website to post their homework assignments.