PE Clothes

Buy your PE clothes/locks thru our Financial office:

Checks payable to Marshall Mustang Org (MMO) will be accepted.   

PE Uniform Prices:

Shorts: $15.00

T-Shirts: $10.00

Hoodie Sweatshirts: $30.00 (light gray and navy blue - we will attempt to honor color preference while supplies last)

Locks: $5.00

Sizes available (please see sizing charts to ensure correct fit):  

Shorts: Adult X-Small - 2XL 

T-shirts: Youth L (10-12) - Adult 2XL

Hoodie Sweatshirts: Adult Small - X-Large

*Parents and students may purchase their PE uniform and lock at a different location. However, the uniform must conform to the MMS PE uniform colors; light gray t-shirt and solid navy-blue mesh athletic shorts, socks and lace-up athletic shoes. (Shorts cannot have any pockets or zippers.) In order to participate in PE activities and earn academic and citizenship grades, students must change into the required PE uniform.  Students may also borrow a lock if needed.