Onsite/Hybrid Reminders

Required documents: Before your student returns to campus, we need parents to read and sign the Acknowledgment of Onsite Instruction consent form and have the Daily Symptom Checklist ready to fill out each day.

  1. Acknowledgment of Onsite Instruction- Please read and fill out this mandatory electronic consent form. Students must have this completed before they come on campus on April 12th.
  2. Daily Symptom Checklist-  Each day students will need to turn in this Daily Symptom Check-in sheet to their Period 4 teacher. They may also use the electronic version on the ClearPass App. Here is a link to the ClearPass website and Instructions on how to access it. Students can use their cell phones or they can fill it out each morning on their Chromebook before school and show the teacher their green "accepted" screen.

Everyday students will need to bring:

  1. Their Daily Symptom Checklist or ClearPass authorization
  2. A Fully Charged Chromebook
  3. A Chromebook Charging Cable
  4. A reusable water bottle
  5. Their own headphones

Students can prepare by charging their Chromebook and watching this welcome video.

Classrooms and Schedule: A roster of all of our teachers and their classrooms are currently posted on the Marshall Website. Students will be attending periods 4,5,6. Period 4 starts at 7:40am and Period 6 ends at 11:40am.

Drop Off and Pick up: Here is a map of the current Drop-Off and Pick-up procedures. As a reminder the upper parking lot behind the upper fields will be closed temporarily for drop off, but it will be open for pick up. We will notify families as soon as we are able to open the upper lot for drop if. 

Medications at School:  If your child requires routine or emergency medications while at school, you and your physician must complete and sign the attached medication forms.  ; ; ; . Over the Counter medications will not be dispensed for the remainder of this school year. If you have any questions, please email Nurse Lynda at lmadariaga@sandi.net

Change of Status: if at anytime you change your mind and would like to switch back to Online, please submit this form.