Attendance Procedures

Absences – Please call our Attendance line, 858-549-5400, Option #1, to leave a message for your student’s absence. Include name of student, date of absence, and reason. You can also email Barbara Kuba-Borja, our Attendance Clerk, at

Early Release - If you know ahead of time that your child needs to leave school early (i.e. Dr., Dentist, Ortho, personal), please have your child bring in a parent-signed note to the attendance desk before school on that day. This is the most effective and efficient way to have your child waiting for you when you need them! Your child will return the blue slip if they return to school the same day.

Student Deliveries – in order to limit disruption during instruction, items being delivered during the school day should be for emergencies only. Items can be left on our back office table with your child’s name on it for students to pick-up during passing periods, lunch, or after school. Please instruct your child to check the back office table if they notice they forgot their lunch, PE clothes, homework, etc…

Independent Study Contracts are when your child will be out for 5 or more consecutive school days (holidays not included). In order for homework to be gathered for your child, the office needs prior notice of 10 school days. Otherwise, students need to get homework on their own from their teachers.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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