Advanced Band & Orchestra Achievements

The MMS Advanced Band and Advanced Orchestra participated in the Forum Music Festivals Judges' Invitational Festival. The performances were held at Fullerton College. Performing groups then went to Disneyland following their performances, and an awards ceremony was hosted at the Fantasyland Theater in the park that evening.
Now, to get an invitation to this festival is an honor, as it represents a reputation for quality performances at Forum Music Festivals events over time. All of the groups that performed were of very high quality, and although every participating group received a plaque commemorating their invitation, not every group got a trophy for placing in the top three groups of their division, so the stakes were high.
In the end, Advanced Band came in 2nd place in the Middle School Concert Band division, and Advanced Orchestra matched them with a 2nd place in the Middle School String Orchestra division! To make it even more special, Gabby Sanchez was awarded the award for Outstanding Middle School Band Instrumentalist for her performance on piano in the piece, "The Seal Lullaby."
The big awards were announced at the end of the ceremony, and those awards are called sweepstakes awards. There was one sweepstakes given for middle school and one for high school. Sweepstakes awards in musical competitions are given to the school or organization who have the highest total or average score (depending on the competition rules) from multiple participants competing in multiple divisions of the festival......AND WE WON THE MIDDLE SCHOOL SWEEPSTAKES AWARD!!!!!!! The kids went absolutely bonkers when we were announced as sweepstakes winners.
Congratulations to Mr. Brown and the Advanced Marshall Musicians.