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MMS At Home PE activities

Stationary bike
Walks with family and/or dog
Shooting hoops or playing Mustang or Poison
Weight lifting with your own routine
Anything that you can think of to do for 40 minutes can be logged.
PE with Joe-   Five (5) HIIT workouts, each one is about 30 min, no equipment.
Family fun cardio workout
10 minute Ab workout

Stamina Speed and Agility – 14 minutes

Complete each activity the trainer is demonstrating for one minute or 30 sec., which ever is stated and then repeat until 30 minutes is up or complete two different workouts for a total of 30 minutes.
Workout #1
Workout #2
Workout #3
Workout #4
Workout #5
Workout #6
Full body toning 
Upper body workout for beginners


Towel Fitness
Full body partner workout
April DEAM (Drop Everything and Move)
Family fun cardio workout
Want to improve on how many push ups you can do-