REMINDER--  I am willing to check out library books to anyone who wants them. All you have to do is let me know what you want and get a ride up here to pick them up. You can also take more than the usual two, and keep them longer given the inconvenience of getting here and back. Easiest way is probably to log onto Destiny Library catalog by clicking here Destiny Marshall Middle Catalog 
But you can also access Destiny via Clever, or by going to Destiny.sandi.net and looking for our school on the left side.  After logging on you can search the catalog for books you might want. To hold books or read e-books you'll need to be signed in. Using Destiny Discover, found in the left side column, is one of the most user friendly ways to search the catalog. Here is a video from the company who runs our library software program to show you a little bit more about Destiny Discover. It doesn't all apply to our school--but enough does! 
Until we can return to normal, and who knows when that will be, I have set up a special
Here--you can ask for help for researching topics for reports. I am kind of a wiz on google. (Remember I AM the Library Goddess, Bestower Knowledge😜) I am VERY good at finding credible sources, and fact checking things.  I can also edit essays for you if you wish. We can also discuss books, or authors. I can offer some sources to access FREE online eBooks and audio books (not the latest titles usually...don't get too excited!). Or we can just chat like we do in the library...when you are hanging about my desk. Whatever you all want, I am still here for you. 
To join the Marshall Virtual Library Google classroom
1) Go Google Classroom in the Google Suite....
2) Click the Plus sign
3) Click Join Class
4) Use this code-- jjgqj5y 
We can even start a book club if you want, I have been looking into ways to do that using Zoom or Google Meet, though I suppose I'd probably have to start brushing my hair again in that case. Let's wait on the book club for a bit- to see how much classwork your teachers are assigning you. 
For that homework that is coming your way---remember you have access to some pretty good online databases via Destiny. Just use the catalog link at the top of this page to access them. Since we are not onsite...you will need a username and password to access them. Same username and password for all. 
Username: sandi1
Password: library
teaching Oh and be kind to your teachers...they have never done this online teaching thing before...they are working HARD to figure it out. 

Questions: Contact Ms. Casaday at KCasaday@sandi.net