Counseling » Teacher Request and Schedule Change Policies

Teacher Request and Schedule Change Policies





Requests to have (or not to have) specific teachers will not be taken or considered

All teachers, counselors, and administrators are in agreement and will be following this policy. The only exceptions to the above policy are:


  •         A student (not a sibling or a friend) has personally had that teacher previously and is requesting to not have that teacher again.
  •         A student has the same teacher for 2 different subjects, and is requesting to change one of them to a different teacher





Schedule changes will only be made for students who are in an incorrect class.  This may be an elective class change, a change in the level of an academic class, or if a student is missing a required class or has a class duplicated.  Schedule changes will not be made for students requesting a period change, nor will schedule changes be made for students or parents who are requesting a teacher change.


If a student or parent has specific and current concerns about a particular teacher:
  • The teacher should be contacted directly by the student and/or parent, the concerns should be discussed and a mutually agreed upon resolution should be attempted.
  • If a resolution cannot be reached, or the problem continues, the student’s Vice Principal should be contacted (Mrs. Moffatt for students A-L; Mr. Olds for students M-Z).
  • If the VP is unable to facilitate a resolution, or the problem continues, the issue will be referred to the Principal.