* Resources and Support for Parents/Guardians

June 12, 2020
Dear Marshall Families,
Happy summer!  We hope that this message finds you healthy and well.  In hopes of providing support and guidance to you and your student during this difficult and unusual time, Marshall Counselors are updating this page for parents and guardians with new information.  We hope you find the links and resources helpful.  

We have also started a resource page for our students to provide access to resources to help with stress and anxiety.  Please encourage your child to take a look at the Resources and Support for Students and to visit our Virtual Wellness Center. 

Your MMS Counseling Team
     Julie Becker, Last Names A-D, jbecker1@sandi.net
     Paulette Blankenbeckler, Last Names E-L, pblankenbeckler@sandi.net
     Irene Ortega, Last Names M-Sc, iortega1@sandi.net
     Amiee McDearmon, Last Names Sd-Z, amcdearmon@sandi.net


Crisis Resources
click here for a list of Food Banks listed by Zip Code
click here for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Confidential, Free, Available 24/7)
click here for the San Diego Access and Crisis Line (ACL) (Confidential, Free, Available 24/7)
click here for the National Domestic Violence Hotline (Confidential, Free, Available 24/7)
click here for the San Diego Regional Guide for Domestic Violence Resources
click here for the San Diego Child Abuse Hotline
click here for 2-1-1 San Diego for resources for food, housing, employment, and mental and physical health
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Resources for Health and Wellness
click here for Teenagers and Reopening: Tips for Helping Kids Stay Safe During a Confusing Time by Child Mind Institute
click here for Find Your Words: How to Talk About Mental Health with a Child by Kaiser Permanente
click here for an article on Signs of Depression During the Coronavirus Crisis: Kids who Seem Stuck in a Negative Mood May Need Help to Bounce Back
click here for 4 Powerful Questions That Will Help Your Child Thrive Right Now by Happy You, Happy Family
click here for Coronavirus Parenting: Managing Anger and Frustration by Child Mind Institute
click here for When Siblings Won't Stop Fighting by Child Mind Institute
click here for Single Parenting During the Coronavirus Crisis by Child Mind Institute
click here for Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus by Child Mind Institute
click here for Wellness Tips for Quarantine - A Psychologist's Perspective by Dr. Divya Kakaiya, PhD
click here for San Diego Unified COVID-19 Information Page
click here for Resources for Emotional Support and Well-Being from the California Department of Public Health
click here for the Resource Center for Supporting Families during COVID-19 from Child Mind Institute
click here for Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with COVID-19 from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
click here for Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus from Child Mind Institute
click here for How to Help Pre-Teens in a Coronavirus Lockdown by Jenny Anderson, Quartz
click here for Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety a project by Shine
click here for Coping with Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak by World Health Organization
click here for Meditation and Calming Exercises by Calm
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Resources for Distance Learning
click here to see the free content that Amazon, Audible, Babbel, PBSKids Video App, and YouTube's Learn@Home are offering to students during school closure.
click here for 10 Tips for At-Home Learning from Language Magazine
click here for Activities for Teens during the Coronavirus Quarantine by Teen SMART Goals
click here for Staying Connected in the Chaos by Alair Olson, LMFT
click here for Simple (No Screen Time) Activities for Children & Adolescents from The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
click here for Help Your Teen Succeed at Remote Learning from Psychology Today
click here for Ten Tips for Parents Navigating the New Realities of Online Education from Children and Screens
click here for Support for Kids w/ ADHD During COVID-19 Crisis from Child Mind Institute (good tips for parents of any teenager!)

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