* School Closure Resources for Students


Dear MMS Students,

During this temporary school closure, we want you to know that we miss you and are here for you if you need us.  Right now the best way to reach us is via email. You can email us directly from our Counseling Staff Page or click on our email links below.  Please contact us to check-in and let us know how you are doing during this unexpected break from school.  We hope that you are all staying healthy!

Take a look at the resources below for confidential support via texts, chats, emails, and hotlines.  We also have a resource page on coping with stress and anxiety titled, "Feeling Stressed?", that lists recommended apps, videos, and articles that can be helpful at this time.  We are collecting relevant material on preventing and managing stress during this health crisis so please keep checking our Counseling page for updates. 


Mrs. Becker, Last Names A-D, jbecker1@sandi.net

Mrs. Blankenbeckler, Last Names E-L, pblankenbeckler@sandi.net

Mrs. Thebo (substitute for Mr. Ollison), Last Names M-Sc, sthebo@sandi.net

Mrs. McDearmon, Last Names Sd-Z, amcdearmon@sandi.net



click here to watch a Brain Pop on COVID-19

Crisis Text Line (CTL)

GLBT National Help Center Peer Support Chat

Know The Signs


Now Matters Now

Suicide Prevention and Support

Teen Line

Teen Link

Trevor Project