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Feeling Stressed?



Are you feeling stressed?  There are a lot of reasons why teens these days are feeling the pressure.  Take a look at the information provided below and learn more about healthy ways of coping with stressful feelings.  If you’d like to speak to your counselor more about the topic, please let us know.  We’d be happy to help you come up with a healthy stress-management plan.

Here are helpful articles about teenagers and stress:





Now, check out the following videos for tips on how to cope with stress.  You may feel a little uncomfortable or kind of silly when you try these techniques, so we recommend that you watch them from home or with a friend who is fun to laugh with!  They work!  Just give them a try.

If you find other videos that work well, please pass them along to Mrs. Blankenbeckler and she will add them to the list.


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