6th Grade Mile Board 5/7/18
1st      Mallory Grove        6:07         
2nd   Ella Humphrey         6:24
3rd    Andrea Li               6:49
4th   Ava Gonzales         6:50
5th    Tiffany Stoughton 6:52          
1st       Julian Dauz          5:57
2nd     Sam Zubatiy         6:00
3rd      Kyle Vannieuwenhoven    6:10
4th      Logan Brown         6:12
5th      Ray Yang                6:17

Course Title:               Physical Education


Instructor:                   Carrie Carambas


                                    (858) 549-5511

Course Description

This course teaches students how their bodies move and how to perform a variety of

physical activities. Students learn the health-related benefits of regular physical activity

and the skills to adopt a physically active, healthy lifestyle. This course also provides

learning experiences that meet the developmental needs of students. Students will

become confident, independent, self-controlled, and resilient; develop positive social

skills; set and strive for personal, achievable goals; learn to assume leadership;

cooperate with others; accept responsibility for their own behavior; and ultimately,

improve their academic performance.


Course Objectives:

Through the medium, of exercise and movement, all students will participate in a

sequential, differentiated program that fosters each student’s personal health, fitness,

and safety. The detailed course objectives are based on the

Physical Education Framework for California Public Schools.


Class Expectations:

* Students are expected to jog/run during the warm-up before class.

* Students must be seated on their roll call numbers after the warm-up jog.

* Students must be appropriately suited for activity in a Physical Education

   uniform with the shirts tucked in and shorts pulled up to the waistline.

* Athletic shoes and socks are required at all times and must fit at the heel.

* Students must listen during instruction.

* No talking during stretching.

* Students must stay in the area designated by the instructor.

* Profanity is not accepted and will result in a lowering of the citizenship grade.

* No food, drink, or sunglasses allowed in class.

* NO GUM allowed in class.



Failure to suit up for PE for any reason means the student will not participate in activities

for that day. Each non-participation day will be reflected in the student’s grade under

Standard 3. 6th graders can make up two non-participations per semester.


Grading Policy:

The Physical Education Model Content Standards will be used to guide and evaluate

instruction. To view, go to www.cde.gov/be/st/ss/documents/pestandards.pdf.



Grading Scale: Academic letter grades are assigned as following:

A 100%-90%     B 89%-80%                 C 79%-70%     D 69%-60%       F 59% and below


Participation and Social Skills (45%)

*effort during warm-up, stretching, agilities, physical activities, drills, and games

*work cooperatively with others and resolve conflicts positively

*positive attitude and social interaction with others

*good teamwork and sportsmanship

Physical Fitness/Improvements (20%)

*performance and improvements on timed runs and FITNESSGRAM

Fitness Concepts (15%)

*assignments, quizzes/tests, exit slips, and projects

Motor Skills (15%)

*performance on motor skills tests and movement patterns

Homework (5%)

*appropriate PE attire and any assigned homework


Citizenship Grades:

Students will begin each semester with a citizenship grade of an ‘S’ (Satisfactory).

From there, it will be determined what level they are either contributing to or hindering

the progress of the learning environment. Citizenship grades include attitude,

sportsmanship, active participation & effort, behavior and personal interactions.

Citizenship grades are the balance of a student’s effort and behavior over time, not the

result of one day or one action.


Medical Excuses:

If a student is unable to participate fully in P.E. activities for 1-3 days, a written note

from a parent/guardian is required. Notes are to be delivered to Mrs. Carambas, not the

nurse. Students are still expected to suit up for a modified P.E. activity (even if it is only

to help with equipment, keep score, or officiate a game). If the student is unable to

participate due to health/injury problem for 1-3 days, an additional writing assignment

may be assigned.

A medical excuse for more than 3 days requires a note from a doctor. This note

should be given to Mrs. Carambas and it will be determined then, if the student stays

in P.E. for a modified assignment or is given an alternate assignment.


Timed Runs/Fitness:

The class will be participating in a variety of cardiovascular activities (1/2 mile, mile,

pacer, Marshall Lap Tracker Run). These times will be recorded and used to evaluate

student progress/performance. They are expected to give their best effort every day.

If a cardiovascular activity is missed for any reason, the student must make up the run.

If he/she fails to complete the make-up, a “zero”will be given until it is made up.

Make-ups for the Lap Tracker will be every Tuesday @ 2:30 sharp! All other

make-ups will be determined by Mrs. Carambas and posted on the Marshall website.