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Yvonne Rucobo, Resource Specialist

Ms. Rucobo received her Undergraduate Degree from the University of Massachusetts and her Master's Degree in Special Education from San Diego State University. She has been teaching in the San Diego Unified School District since 1992. She started out as a Spanish bilingual elementary school teacher and has been at the middle school level since 1997.

Ms. Rucobo currently teaches an Identical Curriculum Pre-Algebra class, a Math Development class, and co-teaches in two 7th grade Pre-Algebra classes with Mr. Wright.

Identical curriculum Pre-Algebra offers a standard based curriculum and a reduced student-teacher ratio to pre-Algebra students who perform below grade level. It is called an "identical curriculum" course because the material covered is identical to what is being taught in the regular education classroom. The teaching approach is varied and made easier to grasp for students in the Resource Specialist Program. Students will learn pre-Algebra concepts and continuously revisit learned skills throughout the year. The goal of the course is to prepare students for Algebra.

The goal of Math Development is to fill in gaps in math skills and improve students' understanding of math concepts. We will work on number sense, computation, application problems, manipulating fractions, geometry, measurement, integers and algebraic thinking. Math Development is designed to help support students in achieving math goals that are in their IEP. Some homework completion time and homework help with math assignments will be incorporated on block days, but is not the primary purpose of this class.