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I was born and raised in Petaluma, a small town in northern California. I spent two years at Santa Rosa Junior College before transferring to San Diego State University where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Physical Education. I later went back and earned my Master's degree at Azusa Pacific University. I've been teaching PE since 1991 and continue to love it! My hope is to make activities fun, pass on my love for physical activity and spark an interest in my students. I allow many opportunities for success as well as create an environment that is safe, where kids are comfortable enough to try new things and work really hard.

I enjoy participating in many sports/activities, but soccer remains my first love. I retired from coaching a few years ago, but continue to play today. Next to my wonderful wife, dogs rank near the top of my list of things dearest to my heart. Many lessons about life can be learned from dogs. Live life simple, live in the moment and smile everyday.

My teaching philosophy is simple. Everything in life revolves around two key attributes... EFFORT and ATTITUDE. The amount of effort you put into things stems straight from what kind of attitude you possess. The more positive your attitude, the more effort you tend to put into activities. This is why giving your best effort and having a positive attitude are rewarded in my PE classes. It is not necessarily how well you perform a skill, but how hard you try. Giving your best everyday will pay its dividends down the road. In life, doors of opportunity open or close based solely on your attitude and effort. I see my physical education classes as an opportunity to give students the tools they need to be successful and to teach the bigger lessons in life such as: being a good person, practicing good social skills, maintaining a positive attitude and giving your best effort everyday, regardless of the activity. When you speak of the student who "really gets it", quite often you are speaking of the person who values and practices these qualities.