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Hello everyone - Welcome to a brand new school year! Here's my story: As I was sitting at home in Pennsylvania during a three-day blizzard, I said to my mother, "Where is it warm right now?"  With a chortle she told me, "Death Valley or somewhere in Arizona".  Five months later I was sitting in my apartment in Chandler, Arizona telling my mother that it was 114 degrees and I had finally thawed out from the blizzard that winter.  I then began to take classes to earn my masters in education from Arizona State University.  Two weeks into classes, I met the man who would become my husband in a Ceramics class and life has not been the same since.  After graduating, I received my first teaching job at a middle school in Chandler, AZ.  There I taught for seven years beginning with 7th/8th Reading and then moved on to teach 8th grade English because I was bored and wanted more of a challenge.  In January 2006, my husband got a job at Grossmont College teaching Ceramics while I remained in Arizona to finish out the school year.  After several months of trying to sell/rent our house I was finally able to move in July 2006.  After setting up house with my husband and my precious cat, Virgil, I signed up to substitute teach and wound up with a full-time teaching position right off the bat!  Talk about a gift from God!  I have never been so happy and so lucky at the same time!  I just keep moving westward and life gets better and better.  My mother joked that in about five years or so I'll end up in the ocean swimming with dolphins because of my westward attraction.  Though I like dolphins, I probably won't be swimming with them - they freak me out a little.   Life has changed a lot since we moved. We now have a new kitty named Enzo who is certifiably crazy. We love him because he's just as quirky as we are. We also have a seven year old little boy named Kai who is the funniest and cutest little man in the world. I'm allowed to say that...I'm his mom.

This is my nineteenth year of teaching.  I look forward to a new school year working with your wonderful children in our beautiful school!