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     I am extremely excited to be part of the Thurgood Marshall community.  After moving down from the state of Washington, I began my teaching career by subbing at the old Marshall campus.  I knew one day I would make it back to Marshall’s campus, and the rest is history! I will be embarking on my tenth year of teaching English in the District.  The kinship amongst the Marshall staff is nothing short of amazing.

     During my down time, when I am not grading essays, I hang out with my husband and our two little ones.  Nicole is four and extremely shy, and Elle is an energetic two-year-old.   Both keep us on our toes, yet they also teach us to relax and slowly take in life.

     I look forward to working with all of you and forging a new path of learning that ignites passions and develops skills!  Education is a TEAM EFFORT!  Together we can learn something new every day and have fun doing it!  I encourage all of you to participate, ask questions, share experiences, and take pride in your work.  Our classroom is a place for you to feel comfortable learning, growing, and being yourself!  So, let’s have a productive year!




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Period 4 Quarter Trio Groups

Team Names Points
Team Low Notes  110
I have no idea  80
Lexi and the Chipmunks  73
Team Brown Milk  40
Hot P's  20
Team Coach Big Massive Rick Here   105
Team D.O.T  70
Massive Legends x2  65
The Best Team   145
Big Egg Bears  80

Period 2 Quarter-Trio Groups

Team Names Points
Guapo  70
Avocado #1 Obituary  90
K.A.R  #2 Obituary  46
Dubber Ruckies  58
Floppy Parker 55
The Dreamers  75
The Night Children  50
Mrs. Parr  100
gucci gang  89
Not gonna win  60

Period 1 Quarter-Trio Groups

                  Group Name                  Points                     
Gusher Frogs  75
donut touch us!  119
Flying Chicken Nuggets  61
Fahrenheit Dean51  95
Toenail Clippings #1 Obituary  105
The Three Beans  70
Dos?  48
Rubber Duckies  55
Can I get a Hyaaaaaa!!  50
 Philsberries dough girls # 2 Obit.  93

Quarter-Trio Groups
Period 1