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Windows Movie Maker

Many students maybe making a short video and want to use Windows Movie Maker which is no longer available through the Windows website (only for PCs).  However you can find the program on Softonic. Just search "Softonic Windows Movie Maker" and then you can download. Reminder, if you work at home you will have to save on a flash drive to work on it at school and home.  
If you have a MAC you can use iMovie which and will only be able to work on the short video at home. 
Good luck! 

Battle of the Books Semester 1

Hello Students and Families,
I have posted the Battle of the Books semester 1 book list which are now available in class. Students you should read as many of the books as possible to compete in the January battle. You may want to write some notes after each book you have read. Notes cannot be used in the battle. If a book is checked out from your table's tub you may want to check the school, city or county library, Have fun reading!!