How to Sign Up

Lunch Time Sports FUTSAL starts JANUARY 17th.
Team captains meeting at lunch on Tuesday Jan. 15th
On this page you will find everything your team will need to sign up.
  1. Team Captains get a Team Roster Sheet for the appropriate sport. 
  2. Team Captains recruit players for their team. They give each player on their team a Lunch Time Activity Permission Slip. Players need to submit the Permission Slip only once per school year.
  3. Team Captains collect each player's Permission Slip. Players who have already turned in a Permission Slip from a previous activity during the year, do not need to submit a new one. Captains submit the Team Roster Sheet and each player's Permission Slip along with the deposit.
  4. Any player who quits a team in one activity will not be allowed to participate in any other activity during that school year.
  5. With approval of both captains, a player may transfer from one team to another before half-way through the sport-season. Teams are allowed to add a transferred player only if they have room and only once per sport-season.
Flag Football: minimum 6, maximum 10
Futsal: minimum 6, maximum 8
Basketball: minimum 4, maximum 7