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Bienvenidos a La clase de La Sra. Balas

Having grown up in Mexico, Spanish is my first language. My bachelor's degree is in educational science and my master's degree is in Bilingual education.
In California as well as in Mexico I have worked as a bilingual and a Spanish teacher for more than 25 years. My experience includes teaching grades K to High School.
I teach because I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with the students and to see their growth and development.
I have had the opportunity to live and travel in different countries and I have learned that by being bilingual is very useful to survive in today's global workforce.
I want to be able to help students to become competitive for the global market that it is our reality today.
In my classes culture and language go together. Culture help students have a different view of the world.
Learning a second language helps students prepare for life in a world of cultural and linguistic diversity.


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Cool websites

Cool websites to practice your Spanish

Divierte aprendiendo Ole!
Did you know that you can also use Rosseta Stone's language program to learn Spanish ? Yes! You and your parents can have access and it is free.
Just follow the link bellow   and you will be able to start using it.
You will need your library card to set up an account.
or Google "San Diego Library Rosetta Stone"
Anyone with This URL can sign up and join my classes. Please sign in on yours
Andale, andale !

For Quia website go to
Click the area labeled Students. When the next page appears enter your user name and password if you already have a Quia account.
If you do not have an account, click the link Create my free account.
Fill out the form that appears. Select "student" as the account type. When you are done, press Create my account button
Step 3. You should now be in the Students zone. 

Now that you have registered, you can view your class web page, take quizzes, view quizzes result and play games that will help you improve your Spanish.

Don't forget to also visit
This web site is made by the publisher of our book Avancemos Uno. In this website you can review any lesson and also print quizzes to practice as well as review the mini stories and play vocabulary and grammar games.
You can also have fun learning Spanish using