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Principal's Message

Thurgood Marshall Middle School


At Thurgood Marshall Middle School, all faculty members realize the importance of building trusting relationships and a strong sense of community. Marshall team members strive to create rigorous, relevant lessons that develop in students both an understanding of content subject matter and the integrated cognitive skills needed throughout their lives. It is our goal that students leave Thurgood Marshall Middle School as thoughtful and productive citizens with a sense of purpose, integrity and a curiosity about the world in which they live.


At Thurgood Marshall Middle School, our staff works towards instilling five cognitive skills in our students during their middle school years:


Evidence:  How do we know what we know? What’s the evidence?


Perspective:  Could there be another viewpoint?


Cause and Effect:  Are there any patterns?


Relevance:  Does it matter? Who cares?


Conjecture:  If one thing were different, would there be a change?


Welcome to Marshall Middle School!




Kaitlin Moffatt and Stephen Olds

Interim Co-Principals